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Originally Posted by MMKAY6 View Post
I called VWoA and opened a claim with them about the headliner and told them I had the same issue with my '07 GTI which he was actually able to see in the system.
He mentioned that it is common in hot states like Texas and Florida due to the foam and that's the reason they did away with the foam on the new Jettas. He definitely seemed aware of the issue but still didn't know how much help they would provide if any. Waiting to hear back.

If they don't cover it I'll probably have the headliner and pillars redone with alcantara. Give it an Audi RS-esque look.
The fact that they obviously are aware that this is an issue, or at least a rep is and made that clear, and that they rectified this issue on newer models means they may be responsible for previous models where this is a problem. I would bring that up.
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