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Originally Posted by markus037 View Post
thinking about making the switch. wondering what the common issues are. there doesnt seem to be a whole lot out there since the car came out 2 years ago.
It's alot more reliable surprisingly even though production was moved to Mexico. Source: neighbor has '15 mk7 GTI with 60k miles and hasn't had a single issue. By 60k my '13 GTI had a water pump and O2 sensor replaced and had part revisions up the ass.

I'm excited about no car payment next year. So I'll be keeping my gti till wheels fall off.

Some things I like about the mk7 are the backup camera, Android Auto (not available in '15 models) and LSD in performance models.

Just be sure you're doing the math and it makes sense to change for u.

Edit: once my mk6 dies hopefully not before a few years of solid no car payments. I'll prolly move into a low mileage 18 mk7 that's a couple years old. Not going to buy new again.

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