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Went back to the drag strip today after reinstalling my short shift kit again. It's even better this time, but I still can't power through the gears like I feel it should be able to. I ordered an upgraded shifter bushing from dieselgeek and will see if that helps at all.

New times are pretty much the same as last time. Fastest 1/4 mile E/T is 14.654 at 88.79 mph. Most of my runs are right around 14.7 E/T, 2.3 60 ft, and either 88 mph or 99 mph without fail lol. When I got home my DV+ had arrived so I installed it. The hardest part was removing the clip for the electrical stuff. Every video I watched skipped that part.

Anyway I do notice a difference with the DV+ vs my stock "C" DV. City driving is very smooth. Before around 2.3-2.8k my car would feel like it lost boost (even if at 0 psi). It wasn't smooth before, but now the car accelerates like it's N/A under no boost and light boost. On top of that when I'm WOT the boost gauge needle no longer flutters rapidly somewhere around 18 psi. It goes and sits at 18 psi steady and tapers off. I haven't watched the taper to see if there's any difference, but the shake from the stock DV is completely gone! So happy about that.

As for butt dyno it seems like the power comes on smoother under boost. Quicker I'm really not sure if it's anything more than placebo. I'll go back to the drag strip soon and see if there's any difference.

Lastly I am back to the darn P0302 code. Bummer because I don't know what is causing it.
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