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I still haven't been able to do full pulls due to the weather, however the car still feels stronger than it did before. It's very apparent in 4th-6th gear when I need to speed up without wanting to shift. 1st-3rd gear pulls will have to wait for spring as the tires spin once I get into any sort of good boost (can hold 5 or so PSI in 3rd, but that's about it).

I will say the exhaust sounds better now. I'm not sure if that's possible due to a carbon cleaning and new injectors. I do know I liked the AWE catback with stock DP. Once I got the APR DP put on I didn't love the exhaust unconditionally. It sounded good at times and bad at others (depending on boost, rpm, tunnels, etc.). Now I fully enjoy the setup. If it's all in my head that's fine too, but I'd love to hear if cleaning up the flow of air and proper amounts of fuel/combustion has an effect on the exhaust noise.
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