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There are a ton of NJ/Tri-State area based FB group pages you should post this on as well:
-Central Jersey Audi / VW Classifieds
-Dirty Dubz NJ
-East Coast VW/Audi
-Empire State Euros Classifieds page
-Euro Union
-Garden State Euros Classifieds page
-Hudson Valley Auto Empire
-Jersey Dubbers/Audi Classifieds
-New Jersey Car Enthusiasts
-NJ Dubbers
-NJ MK5/MK6 Owners
-NovaDubs Classifieds
-PA Dubbers
-PA Dubbers #1
-PA Euros
-PA MK5/MK6 Owners
-PA NJ dubbers
-Strictly Euro
-Tri state-Euro. Bmw, Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche etc
-Tri-state Volkswagen Classified
-Tri-State Volkswagen Parts. NY, NJ and CT. Also PA
-Tuned Society NJ
-Volkswagen N.J.
-Volkswagens Of New Jersey
-VW MK5/6/7 Classifieds (US)
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