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Originally Posted by Boscogn View Post
If I were to buy stage 1 ECU and TCU tune AND uniconnect. Could I use $100 off with the $150 off for getting TCU combo?

$1200 retail would be $950?
Unfortunately, our 150$ discount for the ECU+TCU combo can't be combined to any other offers.

Originally Posted by FriggenT View Post
No sale on the DV kit?
Not at this time.

Originally Posted by Yakuzi View Post
Question, would i be able to install Uni stage 2 dsg tune w a different tuners ECU software? Or is the dsg tune compatible w/ UNI ecu tunes only.
Our TCU software is calibrated to be paired with our ECU performance software, we can't confirm that it will work as intended with a competitors ECU software.

Originally Posted by ZiggyMKVI View Post
K04 sale?
The sale applies to Stage 2+ performance software, but unfortunately not to our K04 turbo kit itself.
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