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Originally Posted by Pooley View Post
Welcome to the club! I live just outside of Philly, a few minutes from Chestnut Hill. It's funny, there's always been a good number of GTI's around the area but lately I've seen even more than usual around. I've had my 2011 for 5 years and do as much work on it myself that I can. This site has loads of great info. A lot of people have come and gone from the site but their info is still here and it seems like there's been a wave of new owners joining in to keep things going. For me I find that this regional forum doesn't get much traffic compared to the specific ones like the General Discussion and the engine specific forums. Maybe that'll change with newer owners.

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chestnut hill is like 2 miles from me right up germantown. I live in plymouth meeting near the metroplex aka (giant / target)
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