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If you fill up at different gas stations ethanol content affects your gas mileage as well.

Originally Posted by somerset9 View Post
When people post km/mi per tank, the tank is a pretty unreliable measure. I fill mine before it gets to 1/4 empty, meaning I never do better than 300 miles. Anytime I see the gas light on other people's cars I start panicking a little
Good habit, saves your fuel pump as well.

I was in CA last year and find a gas station is the least of your problem in that state. Well except for driving on CA-1 near Big Sur.

Originally Posted by Rickybobbi View Post
550-600 kms per tank. 90% highway
If you fill up near empty like me , you may have gotten lucky and got the early "fun gearing" rather than the lazy a$$ "fuel efficient gearing" found in later models.

At 120km what is your RPM ?

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