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So the RS3 is a 0.5 cc and one piston larger motor than the 2.0 Golf.
The golf runs the same fuel and turbo as the rs3.
Yet the golf launches later and bangs an rs3 revo S1 with d/pipe, nf and exhaust?
Ive seen a revo rs3 stage 1 run nos and didnt do better than an 11.6 sec.

You wont find a revo Golf R as fast as Sameers because Experience performance does more than software and bolt on items, proof? Sameers mk5 gti which is the fastest in this hemisphere. Funny thing is sameers KO4 roc FWD is as fast as this revo Rs3 S1. Ive also seen revo get the rs3 software wrong on a durban car, limp mode, with cracked ecu bolts, which sat for 2 months at a buddies house.

Btw APR usa and aus have tuned a RS3 stage 1. result 0-100kph 3.1 seconds , RS3 stage 3 is now at 600hp,

the day will come when a local rs3 gets an apr touch, expect much lower than an 11.6 for S1.

apr Aus now hold the worlds fastest gti r 6 @ 10.8 seconds and Golf 6 gti manual @ 11.5 seconds

no time to play

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