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Originally Posted by Winston57 View Post
So can a VAG clutch cope with the stage one OK then? I'm nervous it'll be toast if I do any power mods!
Yes it will handle stage 1 power, is the short answer.
Some people have experienced clutch failure with no mods so it dose indicate that VW's clutch assemblies are not the best.

The issue with stg2 is the added torque from the after market down pipe, 20+ lb feet of added torque at various if not all of the rpm range is going to put a lot more stress on your tiny OEM vag clutch unit.

And from my understanding VW will replace your stock clutch under warante if it starts slipping even with a stg 1 or 2 car. I hade some issues with motor mounts and my friend / service writer for VW said the issue was clutch related and they would be happy to tear it apart but because my clutch is not OEM they would not warrantee the work or parts. had the clutch been the OEM unit it would be included in the warante.

The catch 22 to having VW replace a slipping OEM clutch on a stg2 or higher car is that likely within a very short period of driving under WOD your "new" OEM clutch will fail again.

Yes some peoples OEM clutch can hold stg2 even k04 without slipping (these are rare cases)

Most mk6 gti's OEM clutch disk/assembly including my own failed immediately after going to stg2 power.

As for a aftermarket clutch upgrade there are a few choices,
1.Drop in disk to be used with the OEM dual mass flywheel $400
2.clutch disk, pressure plate and single mass lightened flywheel. $1200-$1500.
Labor for the clutch should be around six hours $90- $140 per hour.

thread jack over.
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