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Wow, seems like C4L was posting to himself there for a while! He talks about saving money and accounting for it, uses a 5% interest rate for the 60 months of a purchase, and the taxes involved. I can say that you talk about getting a great deal off of msrp, well we don't go 60 months either buddy. It works both ways, here are my rough numbers. I can account for my money, 0% apr, and half the taxes. I buy my vehicles, that accounts for all the money I save. I traded in a paid for vehicle which was $16,000 trade in, so my taxes were 16k off the $32k for my MKV R32. I put down another 5K, and I financed the rest at 0% thru volkswagen for 24 months. I paid about 1,000 a month and paid it off in about 12 months but that doesnt matter as it was zero percent apr! So you talk about how leasing is so much better than buying, I don't see it at all. My car is paid for, worth a good 21k, and will take that amount off of my taxes when I buy a new R. So at 36k minus my 21k i will pay on about 15k of taxes! I am waiting for a zero apr deal, so I will be sitting nicely! You keep leasing and posting on here how great it is buddy! And I have banked that monthly payment I never had since the end of 08 or so! I can account for that if needed! And these figures are to the best of knowledge, not going to dig up my sales sheet or look at old numbers! My mom always says, leasers gonna lease, ballers gonna ball......
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