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invoice on a new 2013 GTI AB is about 30k . usually dealers have no problem doing 500 bucks above invoice. If you go towards the last 3 days of the month , they usually give in easier to meet quotes. it's 4k more but at least you have extra year of warranty. usually if you finance a used car the interest rate is usually higher . If you finance new you can usually get close to 0% if you have decent credit and it will make up the difference of the 4k. I actually had the same situation when I bought my R. I was getting 2.7% with my credit union which made my payment around 550. I wanted to purchase the GAP/extended warranty that covers the brake pads , wipers and batteries which was an extra 3k . The dealer was able to finance me through vw credit for .7% and my payment went up 7 dollars. It's amazing how interest rates can effect stuff. If your all about monthly payment then do the research on what's the best rate you can get. If your really worried about the bottom line price than I would probably do private party so you can save on tax and title. It's a killer deal sometimes.
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