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Originally Posted by MKJBM05 View Post
Hello everyone!

I just purchased my 2011 VW GTI and I am loving it. Thinking of doing some mods to it and need some advice on where to buy the parts I need. The model of my GTI is an Autobahn. Seems like it has almost everything except the Nav and Xeon headlights.

I was wondering where I can get good deals for the following Items:

1. Bi Xeon Headlights
2. Yellow fog lights
3. Coilover Suspensions
4. spoilers
5. Short Shifters

Any suggestions are welcome. Also would like to know how to setup an APR Stage 2 - 3 but not sure where to look as far as for the parts. I am currently living in NY.

Much appreciated thanks!
Autobahn have hid lights and nav standard. Your car isn't an autobahn then.

Congrats though!

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