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Originally Posted by kakluote View Post
Anyone use Toluene to mix with 91 gas to get 104 ?
Toulene is actually a by-product of gasoline productionion and contains exactly the same ingredients as regular gasoline. It is an excellent anti-knock fuel at 114. It is also has greater density than gasoline and contains more energy per unit volume. It is very effective in turbo motors as it degrades more slowly than 100oct gas or Methanol when under load. Recommended not to use more than 30% Toulene in a gas mix.

Toulene was actually used as a fuel in F1 cars. They ran 84% Toulene and it was so effective at suppressing ignition they actually had to heat the fuel before injecting it.

Yes it works, but it seems impractical unless you have no access to race fuel. I use water meth to reach higher octane levels and find it convenient and you only use it when you really need it.

It is also a REAL health hazard if not handled properly.
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