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Originally Posted by Randycfitch View Post
Hello All,
I just ordered a MK6; 2dr, DSG, Carbon Steel Grey, Dyna, Autobahn and Bi-Xenon. I thought it would be helpful to post the deal I got as a point of reference for other shoppers.

I went out to bid with six or seven dealers in my region. The winning bid was roughly $300 under Invoice. One other bid was at Invoice and all the others were between $700-$1000 over Invoice. All dealers required a "Delivery Service Charge" which was $400 - $600. That line item caused me some heartburn but everyone had it in their quote. Delivery is 90 - 120 days. The winning dealer was the most curteous and responsive. The bidding process took about 5 days and the ordering process took an 1hr. I did everything by email, phone and fax. It was easy and very non confrontational.

Hope this helps others.

Acworth, Ga
Sounds like you went to RFP...What did you actually end up paying for the car OTD? If you don't mind saying that is.

End of Sept. in Dallas, TX I bought a Mk6: 4 dr, carbon gray, DSG, autobahn, sunroof, 18" all season, HIDs, bluetooth (forced). It was one of the "launch cars" and it was basically what I wanted so didn't have to deal with ordering.

MSRP: $30,134. OTD: $30,000 even

Took a bit of time (over the course of 3 days) and most was done via the phone after the initial test drive. I dealt with the Internet sales director. We haggeled a bit over leasing, but the money factor was too high (out of their control). So once price was where I thought it should be, I bought it.

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