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Just to contribute...

I live in northern NJ and was able to buy mine for invoice. I got a 2DR manual, xenons, sunroof, bluetooth, and a mat-kit. The invoice pricing for a base 2DR manual is $21,724 (in my area at least). Xenon invoice pricing was $618. I don't have the rest of the info at the moment, but if anyone wants it just let me know and I'll dig out the contract info.

Also, there was a destination fee + ad association fee + full tank of fuel and interest reserve + port prep fee + documentation fee + tire fee + tax/title/reg. I don't recall anything else.

The key is to do exactly what the OP did, and just keep going to different dealers when you're ready to buy. And I don't mean drive there, there is no need for that. Buying a car can be done entirely through email. The only time you should be driving there is once the numbers have been agreed upon and you're ready to go pick up your new car.

Hope this helps.
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