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I also just completed this mod over the weekend. Great job on the DIY snobrdrdan!

This is easily one of my favorite mods so far. It makes a substantial difference in the amount of noise transferred into the cabin from the engine. I no longer get that deep resonating "intake" type sound when you get caught accelerating at low rpm (I also have the carbonio), just silky smooth turbo/engine noise. I'm not sure how to best describe it but it almost sounds like the 4cyl was replaced with a V6... the engine doesn't sound like its working as hard to produce the power.

One of the biggest highlights about this mod for me was that the "rocks in a can" noise as I shift from 1-2 is notably quieter than before.

MK05 - HJ09: In theory you should pickup some throttle response but I did not notice anything substantial.

Highly recommended mod
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