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If I had to do my clutch all over again, I would just go with SouthBend. Before the Sachs I was looking at a SouthBend Stage 2.

Let me tell you one thing though. I busted my head for months trying to figure out what clutch would be good and not shit the bed within 2 months of owning it, at the end I got what I got, but tbh....don't over think it. If you're going to have a shop install it, then ask them what they recommend. I did so much reading and research that I had headaches lol it's not worth it, for the most part they all work.

All you need to figure out is whether you want a SMFW or the stock DMFW. Then decide what material disc you want and that's it. Those are the important things in the equation. Once you know the answer to the above two questions you can just pick whichever company gives you the best deal.
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