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Looking at my 1/8th mile speed I'm consistently at 76-77 mph. However at the 1/4th I'll hit 88 or 99 mph, why would this be? If I'm already rolling at the same speed and time (9.7 seconds) wouldn't my 1/4 mile be the same? I can only think it's due to shifting at different points or another issue with the car.

Installed a shifter bushing from dieselgeek today. I am a little disappointed that, for $29, there is no new crimp clamp included. I just reused my old one. I pried it open slightly with a hex key just enough to pull the shift knob off (with some force) and was able to crimp it back on no problems. I would be fine with this but in the dieselgeek install videos it shows cutting off the crimp and no mention of needing a new one (as in it is not included). First impressions are that nothing has changed. My old bushings were squishy but not torn. I went for a quick drive and it does seem a little easier to get into gears with confidence. I've yet to really drive and evaluate it though.

A problem I had was getting the retaining clip apart from the old upper bushing. Used some hex keys to separate it and then it was easy to pull the clip off.

Anyway there is no play in the shift shaft anymore. Is this amount of play left over normal for our cars, and is there any improvements that can be made?
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