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Got my car back today after a fresh set of injectors and a carbon cleaning were performed. I am around 54,000 miles and the carbon buildup was said to be pretty minimal for those miles. Either way I wanted it done to save on labor.

So far no CEL, but it's snowing here and I am still on my summer tires. I didn't have a chance to redline it (where the problem commonly occurred). I will say it felt much smoother in the power delivery and maybe more powerful? I think the "extra" power is just a false butt dyno since I was driving a N/A 140 hp car the past week.

I will also say that the hesitation in the 2-3k RPM range under lighter throttle is once again fixed. It was initially fixed when I put in the GFB DV+, but that came back a short while later. Now it seems like everything is more linear. The car also idles smoother and doesn't feel down on power in the cold.

I'm going to swap my tires out tomorrow. This was my first time ever on summer tires which were great. Now it's my first time ever using winter tires and I am excited. The difference in looks is astounding and the compound of the winter tires seems much more sticky in the cold (just touching with hands). I went with Blizzak WS80 205/55R16's on the steelies I linked above (post #76).

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