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Originally Posted by GIACUser View Post
I have been running a K04 setup with water/meth and race file on street track for the last 3 1/2 years. I guarantee you that everyday you drive the car, the regrets will go away.

Probabaly just the last mods you will need to do a lot of problem free drag racing with your setup. You will have a lot of fun. You can't be too surprised that the drivetrain needs reinforcement when you are planning on revving up a high performance motor and dumping your clutch with sticky tires.
I daily a company car (2016 Pilot ) So i dont drive my gti a lot. That's why i opted to upgrade the mk6 gti vs buying a mk7 golf R. I also just ordered the pendulum mount. But in reality i cant complain. Im very fortunate to be able to do all those mods on my car. So i should stfu about regretting it. Its something i always wanted to do and now that im doing it i should be happy about it. As for the axles i called the and I spoke to Marty he said I should be fine with my axles and told me i wouldnt need it. He said the axles are pretty strong and if anything should break its a small piece at the end of the axles not the axles itself.
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