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Originally Posted by WeekendWarriorz View Post
Stock is like around 200-210 at the wheels for HP and torque, according to the cobb website for stage one high boost (map that I'm currently running), their car was making

"Stage1 High boost / Stage1+SF 93
Peak Gains* +13.2% HP / +24.7% TQ
Largest Gains* +28.2% HP / +23.3% TQ at 4300 RPM"

This is on 93 octane, I'm running 91 which of course a little less aggressive.

*Largest gains= 28.2%-> .282x200 (let's assume wheel horsepower is 200 on a stock car)= 56.4hp increase= 256.4hp

*Now for torque= 23.3%-> .233x200 (let's assume wheel torque is 200 on a stock car)=46.6trq increase= 246.6trq

I could have been doing the wrong calculations the whole time or messed something up in my calculations so if I'm far off bear with me.
Thankyou, I was confused about the percentages I was wondering if the "%" was just there or if you multiplied it.(I thought multiply and I guess was right).
I think I made the decision about which tune I'm getting.
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