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Originally Posted by ben_m View Post
I just take it to the dealership, I bought the car used and it already had the tints so at the time I'm guessing they were legal.

NYS law says your tints need to be 70% which is basically no tint. Depending on the different type of cars ... SUVs, station wagons, and trucks they let you tint the rear windows but now that nys law has changed where the inspection centers cant give you a sticker unless your tints meet the legal law % of 70% on the fronts and most cars on the rears you wont get an inspection sticker. Big fine for them so they dont do it unless you find someone that still does.

Ive been stopped twice in the past month by local nypd cops and they wonder how i have 35% tints all around my R and a new inspection sticker. Needless to say i get a lecture and a warning about them.
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