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ive had tints on all my cars and to be honest no cop ever bothers you unless they want to. Tint checkpoints and if theyre looking to give out tickets. I live in queens and both times local blue and white nypd pulled me over and used the tints as an excuse and stressed it more than once each time. Got off with warnings after they ran my license and everything was clean. Ive been to 4 inspection stations this year and each one except the last one who finally gave me the inspection were complaining about the tints being too dark. They are 35% tints which is not dark at all but bottom line if they want to they will ticket. Its the law they follow of 70% tints. Basically cops discretion to use the tints or not to pull you over and ticket. Majority of inspection stations do not pass the car with tints in fear of getting fined.
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