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2 weeks back an auto g35 behind me swung around me and cut me off like a dick. I must have been driving too slow. Sitting behind him at the light and he hits it on green I follow and walk by him. Wouldn't look at me lol then he cut off 8 other people like an ass just to get away from me.

This past weekend was cruising to the mall to get some x mas shopping done. Kind of Speeding maybe 10 over the limit and come to a stop at the light before the mall. 2015 model wrx comes flying up to the light right next to me. Had a huge "airsociety " sticker on windshield and freaking huge wing. Didn't look bad tho minus the wing. Light turns green and we both roll into first. Blew the tires off in 1st and second and at the top of third he had already ceased fire.

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