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WTF Dodge Avenger R/T?!?

Since it’s been almost a month since anything was added here...

So I was heading to work this morning and am on a 4 lane road just cruising when all of a sudden I see a black Avenger whipping through traffic behind me. Now granted I’m already doing 10-15 over.

I get in the right lane so he could speed on past but as soon as he got up by me he leveled out his speed. So now he’s just cruising right next to me for over 1/4 mile. Look over if he’s trying to get my attention or whatever and nothing.

Few moments later he just gassed it as we start getting towards traffic. He starts speeding off (slowly) and I let him get almost 2 car lengths ahead and I gun it as now I see he’s going to cockblock me in traffic. Left it in drive and was a few gears too high, but immediately blew by him like he was standing still and got in front of him to avoid the traffic.

Then I slow back down to a reasonable speed. He then stays on my ass the rest of the way (1 mile) till I turned in for Chick-fil-A and he honks and kept driving.

It was just funny as I don’t know what he was trying to do or if he was trying to race me. I looked up the specs on his car and it’s about 286hp V6 and like 6.1 0-60. Guess he thought I was stock or he was going to embarrass a Beetle

I know, I know CSB!
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