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Originally Posted by likkleindian View Post
What stage are you? 30-95/100 mph is the strong zone for a stage 2, kinda surprised he hung close if you are in fact stage 2.
They can be pretty damn quick. I've become friends with a guy that has one after I ran him and beat up on him a little. He told me his list of mods, half of which I forget, but he said he's around 500hp.
When we ran, 3rd gear I walked away, 4th gear it turned into buses. He was dumbfounded.
I actually didn't talk to him the day I ran him, it was a couple weeks later we ended up at the same gas station and he came almost running up to me (scared the shit out of me, stranger running up at me lol) and said "What in the hell do you have in this thing, pop the hood!". After I figured out who he was, he let me in on what he had, and now he's looking at buying a Golf R and going BT

For my own story to add to this, I had the closest race to date since going K04, and of all cars, it was against a Mazda 3. No, not a Mazdaspeed 3, a Mazda 3 with a 2.5...though I guess I should mention he had some sort of turbo installed...

Seemed like a nice dude, he said he's at 305whp and they weigh a hair under 3000, I'm at 305whp in 3rd (313 in 4th) and weigh just a hair over 3000...He said he has a Garrett 5480, 5840, something that started with a 5 and had a 4 and an 8 in it
We ran from basically 30mph to 80 (all the road we had available) and it was dead even the whole way. He said that he felt like if he started in 3rd he'd have ended up pulling me at the end, but based on how the run was going, I think it would have stayed dead even.
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