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I mean no disrespect to Golf R owners... BUTTTTTTTTTTTTT ....

It was an issue for those FSI motors from 2006-2008. I know THIS.. I had a 2007 GTI and yes.. I replaced the cam follower once at 30k... and it was in MUCH worse shape than that in the pic. I was stock.

No owner should have to crack open a small hole in their motor every 25k to check the shape of a camshaft follower prior to warranty end.... It ain't like checkin your dipstick for oil levels.

There is a reason VW did away with this design in 2009. (especially in the USA)

No offense to you all who have cam followers in your motor... cos I loved the FSI motor in my 2007. It had more high end rpm push than the TSI in my 2012, and that made the car more exhilarating. It is also a very robust motor.

The reason noone has an "issue" with it in the R's is becuase of all us MK5'ers who came before you all and were made aware of this issue via all those blown motors... Why should my wife, my 75 yr old dad, or myself have to change an internal part to keep a vw FSI running smooth ??? Why isn't it a VW maintenance item listed in the owners manual?????? Why isn't it part of VW's carefree maintenance program at 30k miles???

Otherwise... I like the R. I'd have one in my garage right now if it came with a modern motor that didn't need me checking an internally lubricated part every 25k.

here's some reading:!

Here's mine after 20k. Minimal wear.
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