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Originally Posted by DSGVW View Post
Vagcom can defeat all electrical nannies ensuring true R fun.
oh I see. So stock it still has SC/ TC?

The FSI was and still is a very robust engine.

The reason the Cam follower wears so much is due mostly "because it cannot run in lean burn mode (US NOx regs), sooo... there is additional fuel in the oil. The high levels of sulfur/crap fuel in our US fuel damage the viscosity of the oil at a much higher rate, causing premature wear of the cam follower due to the oil losing its viscosity much faster then it would in Europe... where this FSI engine never had the cam follower issues.

Cam follower failure is lubrication related, and cos the FSI was never allowed to run in "lean burn/ stratified" mode (like it does in Europe)... it destroys oil very very quickly, and as a result... destroys the black dlc coating on the follower within 15-20k miles.

I did my research years ago.

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