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Originally Posted by 2014GTI View Post
your looking for
BYTE 27:
Check BIT 2
LED-Daytime Running Light (DRL) Module for ParkingPosition Light & Daytime Running Light(DRL)

All Highline ECM's will have it and some Newer software version Midline ECM's if you have an older midline you will be missing this setting. you can find more on this page for other settings. If you still have issues a wiring change could be needed.
Thank you! You have been the most helpful of all. It turns out I was an idiot earlier because I was in a rush. My DRLs work fine (well as they did beforehand. I never took the brake off so of course my DRLs were off) The bulb out warnings I am getting seem to be for the now missing "City Lights". So I am hoping what you are telling me will switch the DRLs from the HIDs to the LEDs. I definitely have the HighLine CECM. I checked that already. My buddy is a wiz with VAG so we will try this out. Thanks again!

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