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Originally Posted by BoostedVW11 View Post
If you absolutely must, your front sprayers soak the car just as well especially if they are infact tailgating you. I used to do the brake check until i realized most of the people on the road cant drive and sooner or later they aren't gonna stop in time. Ive had my moments im not proud of. everytime i do something road rage related, im either extremely justified in my actions or a feel like a mega douche when i get home. Tip: DO NOT road rage anywhere near your work or neighborhood. You dont wanna get in a war with someone to find out they know your place of work or house. People are stupid and youre pretty muched fk'd if they wanna mess with your car while youre not around. Not very proud of it, but ive followed people to their houses if theyve started shit with me for no reason and catch me in a bad mood. Im by no means a big guy but if you wanna flip me the bird or toss shit at my car whatever...nothing says holy shit like a car following you home. stopping a few houses short, sitting there for a minute then make a u turn and leave. youre gonna make that person paranoid for sure for awhile. ive rarely done this and typically its only if its not that much out of my way. that was in my crazier days. dont really flip out that much anymore. now its more, if i get infront of you and dont cut you off or anything and you tailgate me, brake check me, honk at me whatever..ill just smile and wave and watch them flip out. motioning a bj action is pretty comical too. i swear im the nicest dude too normally. wow i typed a lot my bad.
Exactly why I stopped in the middle of a busy area away from my home, I was actually on my way home albeit far away, and turned a different direction before I stopped and chatted with my pursuer.

I'm just the opposite, I would never follow someone anywhere, if they know they are being followed, you don't know what you're gonna get yourself into...I drive around my neighborhood just to make sure I'm not followed, I've been followed before, and you're right it's very unnerving, again though, you never know who you're dealing with, and seeing me point my fingers at my eyes then toward you with a gun in my hand might turn the tide of emotional superiority. Also around here cars have front plates, and keep in mind it only costs $45 bucks to find the address it's registered to....


People, just mind your own business, smile on ur brotha
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