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Smile Northern NJ Need VCDS/VAG COM and Logging help

Hey guys I recently found out from my dealer that my paranoia for torque loss was indeed true. Here's what I'm trying to figure out:

In short, there is an issue with my car that is not causing any codes. If it is something like the turbo I'll be able to run it under warranty no matter what and I'll insist that the dealer brings in a specialist to prove this with check engine codes or not. If it is not the turbo or something that is under warranty such as the injectors I obviously will replace the broken part myself.

I really need someone with a VCDS/VAG COM to log data and knowledge of our cars to view that data in order to help figure out what is causing the large torque loss in the car.

I'm in North New Jersey if you'd like to comment here or PM me that would be greatly appreciated. I'm willing to offer some money if you're willing to assist me with this!

Thank you!
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