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Big Turbo Discussion Thread #2

Originally Posted by *****2.0t View Post
Since we don't really know any "FAQ" we probably shouldn't make one. LOL. The FAQ used to be you need rods at 350whp, and that been shot in the dark. And since we were all off on when we need rods, we are probably REALLY off on when/if we need pistons. A basic, this turbo plus this tuning +/- meth will get you "around" this power may be helpful I guess though.


That's a yes
I'm still being sarcastic lol

Originally Posted by GTR_Killer View Post
thats a good idea. do you mean the OG post?

I mean in your first post on this thread. To answer all the newb questions. Maybe make a list of the most popular kits too with the expected power levels and potential

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