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MK6 R Brake Questions

I have a 2013 R and I recently ordered a PowerStop brake kit from Auto Anything because it was on sale enough that it was (could be) worth it - the kit has drilled and slotted rotors and ceramic pads. Other than cosmetic, I'm sure the rotors won't be a huge increase since my car isn't much more than stock.

Anyway, I started the replacement process today and I noticed that the pads I was sent for the fronts have sensors embedded in both sides and the idle (non-piston side) pad has a retaining clip.

I have a VW service manual and it shows 2 or 3 types of brake systems, 2 kinds for an R. The stock pads don't have sensors and that idle side pad doesn't have a clip.

Am I correct in assuming that 2012 and 2013 then have different brake set ups and I was just sent the wrong pads? I feel like clipping the wire off, since it doesn't have anything to connect to on the car, wouldn't hurt anything, but it also looks like the pad wouldn't be able to wear all the way since there is a sensor embedded in it. I'm not so keen on removing the clip from the back, but if that is a common thing to do, so be it.

Has anyone run into this? What are your suggestions?
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