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Originally Posted by snobrdrdan View Post
How much would a detail run on a 4 door GTI?
Do you guys polish the cars? Wax them?
I guess I should be asking what's included, and if there are "ala carte" items & what not?
I keep my car clean anyways, so it's not dirty at all...just thinking ahead towards spring though (the exterior) and if I'm not motivated to do it myself, lol
(I've NEVER paid anyone else to do it, is why I don't know either)

Whoa there, I'll answer detailing questions, but not questions on pricing of our work and such. I'm not a sponsor here and don't want to step on toes or do things the wrong way. I'll PM you information on our company.

Doing things yourself is very rewarding, but when people come to us it's usually because they want a level of service they can't provide on their own. Its like taking some cool pics of your car versus hiring a professional photographer; you're results might be nice, but they can't match what the right pro can do.

Originally Posted by mk6_gti View Post
Yup. Just ask him about Patrick with the GTI. lol. Next week we're gonna try out his GoPro camera and shoot some exhaust vids of the GTI.
BTW their garage is insane.. everytime I walk in I'm always like
Right on Patrick. I look forward to seeing how the video comes out. Next time you see him let him know Marc from AutoLavish said hi.

And yes... that garage is insane.
Marc Harris of AutoLavish
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