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Moving to Washington (Vancouver area)

Hey everyone,

The girl and i and planning to move to Washington/Portland area in the relative future.

I just had some questions, since were in Florida and dont/never had to deal with winters.

What is needed exactly for tires/safe driving in the winter/snow?

Is anyone semi local to Vancouver area and can tell me how it is out there? We have a friend who lives in the area who we would be moving in with for the time being and then eventually getting our own home hopefully.

Just really concerned with the whole idea of winterizing and what that all entails with tires/wheels?
Ive heard mixed things about just using all season tires and chains/grip devices or getting winter tires mounted on stock wheels and then the iconic winter wheel/tire set up to switch to(what do you guys think are best/practical?) but ive also been on the Washington DOT website and they list all different things about requirements for chains/devices and just got a little confused so hoping some locals/native Washington people can shed some light.

I drive a Vw Gti and she has a Hyundai Veloster (so both front wheel drive passenger vehicles) if that makes a difference in requirements.

Also any tips/tricks you can give for the area/winter/driving etc would be appreciated. Thank You
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