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Never heard that new mesh look called the euro look. I'm a simple 5 - 7 spoke kinda person myself.

VMR 810s I like more from an aesthetic point of view.

Nuespeed has some nice lightweight stuff. If you're into stancy wheels there's a lot of brands, but for reasonable cheap cast wheels VMR, Neuspeed, TSW etc. are all good calls. I've been eyeing Volk wheels for a while but they're 3x the cost. Or ADV1s @ 4x the cost.

18s are easier to fit/can get a bigger tire on there. Something like 18x8.5 or 8, et 45 is pretty standard for aftermarket wheels. I have multiple sets of 19s and have done a lot of bodywork/suspension to fit them with slightly upsized tires - 235/35s or so. Really depends on your suspension - if lowered or not; camber; stiffness etc. 19s will ride harsher. I like the look of a slightly oversized wheel - some people like the hardparked stance look. It's all personal taste really.
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