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Originally Posted by adema69 View Post
100% inaccurate. If you get a dyno tune on a stock turbo the tune is suited for your vehicle. With a dyno tune your power band is more linear and smoother then a bench flash. You may or may not make more hp but the power band will be 100 times better than a regular flash.
Linear power and more power are two totally different things. As I said, the custom route adjusts for your items but does not make some new power discovery.
For example apr tunes for apr stuff. Then people buy neuspeed, uni, etc parts and don't understand why the tune feels weird. That and altitude changes, fuel quality, car quality (carbon, plugs, etc)
7 years later, there is no way cobb all of a sudden found something new the other tuners different.

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Superior interior is like 500hp at the wheels doe
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