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Originally Posted by jikhead View Post
Has anyone repaired a leaking drive angle or put a new gasket on? I'm looking for instructions on what needs to be done to take it apart in order to put on a new gasket. Mine has a slow leak all around the gasket seal. So I presume the gasket just needs to be replaced to fix the leak.!AvzQsgtRvlH5kRYnqoBoL1ADDxgS
have to take out the axle, driveshaft bolts, bracket to motor, allen screw through the axle flange that goes to the diff, and the 4 bolt that hold the t case to the trans to get it out. after that take it apart.

You may want to try snugging up all the bolts first to see if you can stop it that way. Also if its over full it could leak out of the breather vent and that could be you issue.
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