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UM stage 2+ issue

Hey guys,

Having a bit of a problem and wanted to see if anyone else maybe has any pointers as to what's going on. So I just recently got my R tuned for UM stage 2+. I had a fuel issue where the fuel rail broke on my car so I have my mechanic replace it also. The mechanic pressure tested the system and smoke tested for any boost leaks just in case and everything is perfect now.

The weird part is I can only hit 18 to 20 psi and there is a check engine light illuminated but Vagcom is reading NO codes and we scanned every module.

Im trying to reach UM but in the meantime does this sound like a tune issue? the CEL but no faults is something new that ive never seen and im thinking its not letting me reach my full 28 psi that I adjusted in the vagcom screen.
Stage 2+ Golf R
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