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Old 10-04-2010, 11:29 PM   #1
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IN to NC roadtrip recap!!

I figured I would do a small write up now that my 1200 mile trip has been completed.
I had done this exact trip many times in my Mk5 Rabbit and was always pleased with the ride, mileage, and general utility of the car on the trip. Needless to say I was excited to take my fresh GTI (with only 2000 miles or so) on the trip.

The route I take is pretty basic and simple. (I-469 to US33, US33 to I-270, I-270 to I-70, I-70 to I-77, I-77 to US52, US52 to I-40). Its a somewhat direct route to my destination (Greensboro, NC) and I enjoy it.

The trip takes a flat 10 hours with me abiding by the speed limit, only going a max of 5 over, and taking into account semi's and slow drivers on some of the 2 lane parts of US33 in Ohio.

My impressions of the car on the drive are quite good. I was always comfortable in the drivers seat and by the end of each leg of the trip I wasnt dead tired, a good sign. Through the mountains along I-77 I was able to really enjoy the car in the twisties. The Rabbit in comparison kind of wallowed through the turns, but it was expected. The Sat radio kept me occupied playing my favorite music non stop. The GTI instilled me with confidence if/when I decided to speed up a bit during parts of the trip, but Im always safe.

I was extremely impressed with the mileage I was rewarded with. Every time I filled up I did calculations (I keep track with an app on my phone) and was happy to see around 33/34mpg throughout the trip. I think that with more flat terrain the numbers may be a smidge higher, but who knows. Right now the car sits at more than half a tank and Ive gone around 240 miles, impressive.

So I am already looking forward to another road trip with this thing, unsure when that will be. Hopefully something in the spring.

For those who have not stretched the legs of their GTI and taken it on a decent road trip, do it! So much fun to be on the open road with a car you love and enjoy.

Just one picture of the car. The rest of the pictures I took were of things on vacation, not of the car.

In VA, around Rocky Gap...

1988 Audi 90q
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Old 10-05-2010, 01:29 PM   #2
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That is quite impressive for the GTI. Nice write-up!
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