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Old 12-31-2014, 11:46 AM   #71
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Originally Posted by Tkulhanc134 View Post
for a better car combined together, like mustang GT
this truly made me laugh out loud when I read it.

Originally Posted by GunKata View Post
Buy an Evo.
Hit me up for VagCom in Chicago
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I'll do your 40k service for much cheaper than a dealer.
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Old 01-01-2015, 01:45 PM   #72
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Originally Posted by *****2.0t View Post
That post was obviously not directly related at you, but just at BT owners in general. I feel like if most people's BT cars were their poor mans GT2, they would get driven like a GT2 should, and I do not think they would hold up like a GT2 would.

It's a personal opinion. I've owned BT cars, help friends build BT cars, etc. it's never going to be the same as a small OEM turbo upgrade. It's never going to be daily-able. As retarded as fireball was, he seemed like the only guy out there beating on his car like it was a GT2, and look at how well his holds up. Or Patrick with the GLi, he's out there racing and driving his like it should be driven and it's on a trailer every other week.

And on another note, I think having a "daily" is just dumb. If you are going to dump a bunch of money in a car I want to drive it. I also live in the rust belt, and drive 350+ miles a week and enjoy what I built everyday. Whether it be a Bugatti or a Jetta, I don't think there is a need to garage anything. It's a car. A material object. Spray the salt off and use touch up paint when needed and be extra careful. I DD'ed a MK3 for a winter 2 years ago while my brand new car sat in the garage, and then proceeded to realize how dumb I was and sold it.
Originally Posted by Injen1us View Post
I cannot agree with this enough! German winters can get pretty nasty and they are pretty generous with the salt. Most of my friends in the car scene (who dont drive evos or wrxs) hide their cars all winter. I think thats crazy.

But even after all that money its still just a car. I put it on a lift twice a year and steel wool any spots where rust might be developing. Frequent washes and waxes and always make sure to spray the undercarriage. The car will be fine.
yeah i think you guys are missing the point.

As far as fireball is concerned, his car was not "built correctly." putting an mbc on an apr kit and trying to tune it yourself with his limited knowledge was dumb. regardless, the only thing that happened that i saw was a blown headgasket.

patricks gli is a franken setup. if you are going into uncharted territory it'll be hard to know the limits until you hit them. idk about his tuning issues, but his axle issues were since the gli axles were weaker from my understanding. but APR was doing his custom tuning, so yeah.

plenty of people daily stage 3+ kits. only reason you see a lot of cars down in the winter is because they are being rebuilt bigger and better. having a daily is smart when you have clutches that don't like cold weather or you want to reduce how much time you're driving a turbo in subfreezing temps. all you have to do is get a fun reliable daily and you're good to go. but without one you'll won't really understand.

i just don't see why you would build a car and then drive it through salt and snow. instead of having one all-purpose car, you have two (or however many) that each serve a purpose. simple concept.
do a burnout.
Originally Posted by RGTI13 View Post
If you already have an intake, might as well just go big turbo while you're in the engine bay. Just my 2 cents.
Originally Posted by erball View Post
It's only then when I realize, in a moment of clarity, I should have bought Honda.
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Originally Posted by kern417 View Post
plenty of people daily stage 3+ kits.

We have customers from young to seasoned that own and daily drive Stage 3 to Stage 3+ cars every day. It comes down to how much power do you want. There does come a point where cars are no longer reliable daily drivers.

I can see a GTX28, GTX30 maybe a smaller PTE58 set up to be driven every day. I am actually looking forward to IEs new kit. All which can be daily driven and be around the 400WHP range.

Once you go beyond that IMO the car will become more difficult to drive everyday.

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Old 01-06-2015, 06:30 PM   #74
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I dd mine with over 100whp more than a k04, I drive a lot and don't baby it either. perfectly fine.
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