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Old 04-25-2015, 07:42 PM   #43
TKE Mario
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Originally Posted by FocalPoint View Post
Nah bro, the old FSI in the MKVs, and audis needed replacement internals to hold up too. The revision that they supposedly put in the Golf R is completely different setup.

Also, if a headgasket is the only current sign of extreme wear and tear from your K04 upgrade, then you're sitting petty, right now. Head Gasket on my MKV GTI went at Stage 2 with 20k. Had it replaced. These don't hold up for shit, and the part is literally $30 and 30mins to replace, if you have the right tools. I believe over time, even Stage 1/2 cars on factory turbo will blow the head gasket. Probably within 40k miles. Just gotta be sure to check your plugs and coilpacks every couple thousand miles for excessive oil build up.
currently dealing with this
did my 40k maintanance service yesterday and noticed the oil on the back side of the engine while i was underneath it, took it to my buddy's shop today so we can take a look at it on the lift...leaking from the head gasket and backside of the valve's safe to say i will not be running my car tomorrow at Show N Go

currently stage 2 btw
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Old 04-27-2015, 08:07 AM   #44
Hoosier Daddy
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Apologies as I did not read the entire thread. The stock conrods on our cars can handle around 600 Nm on the wheels, as does the the stock clutches. Most guys tend to just place in IE's drop in rods with calico bearings and ARP bolts and you can easily run a GTX setup reliably on a daily.

There are many cars here in SA running these setups and they run hard. I'll be using these rods for my K04 setup in order to bring in torque earlier in the RPM range and also have peace of mind in doing do.
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