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09GTIJOE's journey (lots of pics)

hey you all, finally after a few years to make a progress thread. ive been in a GTI for almost 3 years now. came from owning a 2005 civic si hatch to a 2007 Civic SI for 6 years. so getting into a VW was completely new to me. I decided on the GTI on a few factors. the Civic was 2 doors and we were having twins. I needed something the wife could drive and I needed something to mod so ultimately, DSG and turbo worked out well

started with an EP3, was pretty knowledgeable started out young. had a job at 16

I sold my civic. I had done a fair share of mods to it. at its high point I was putting down 235 WHP and 175 WtQ. pretty good for a NA with bolt ons and a tune.

shortly after being sold, I picked up a MK5 from the local dealer. "CPO" 2009 with TSI motor, 60k on the clock.

first thing I did was drive it down to EuroCode in Torrance to get the fully loaded ECU APR tune

and the next day, the ecu decided to fry. I cant really blame the tune, after a week of ownership I was out of a car for almost a month due to there being a shortage of ECU's. lets just say the wife wasn't happy and to me this was a big downer for me.

but as any tuner will do, I got the car thing sorted out, VW paid one month of payment. I bought some springs

and with the credit I got back from the APR 30 day return, I picked up an APR stage 1 and 2 intake.

I don't have a lot of pics of the MK5 since my wife drove it after I picked up a MK6

mod list for MK5:
APR stage 1 and 2 intake
3'' downpipe
obx-r catback
solowerks coilovers
revo stage 2 ecu tune

I owned the mk5 for about a year and a half. at that point, I had too many issues with it, plus my wife had the kids and the last thing I needed was for the car to break down.
ECU died
throttle body failed
2 injectors stuck open
door module failed

car got taken into dealer with revo stage 2 and a downpipe, everything else stock

so sold it and picked up a MK7

current mods:
spulen intake
neuspeed module
megan racing springs
bbs CH reps

more pics to come for that one, since my wifes drives that one too

now, along that time when I had bought my MK5 my parents liked it so much they wanted a GTI to long story short I ended up picking it up from them

first thing I did was put coilovers, along with the roof rack and some yellow fog tint

and then the APR stage 1 and stage 2 intake came available

at this point I was already stage 2, then came along a s3 intercooler

I love changing wheels lol here is some

jumping to February, finally reached a major milestone, k04!

also installed 034 motorsports track density mounts, love them

so with k04 installed, I told myself, im done everything runs 100%, but then came the 90 degree day. so next came water meth! while I was in the shop I also picked up a DV+

Fastivus, picked up a last minute track spot. so first time on a racetrack!

currently sits

CTS k04 kit
Revo Stage 3 ECU
Revo Stage 2 DSG TCU
APR stage 2 pipe
Snow Performance water methanol kit
USRT throttle plate W/ 225 CC nozzle
CTS throttle pipe
3'' downpipe
2.5'' no name catback
S3 intercooler
DIY catch can to atmosphere

Tein drop springs
034 Track density mounts

Neuspeed RSe07 18x8 on 225/40/10 tires

Exterior & interior mods:
wiper delete
yellow fog bulbs
Euro headlight switch

Future mods:
secondary nozzle in throttle pipe
front & rear sway bars
slotted rotors and pads

hope you all enjoyed this thread. more pics to come!
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So you have a mk6 and a mk7 now?

Also nice ep3, wanted one when i was in high school.
2012 GTI 6MT-APR Stage 1 => 2015 GTI DSG
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Old 06-25-2015, 10:12 PM   #3
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Drives: Sleep .:R
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Yeah the mk6 is my weekend driver, and the mk7 is the wife's daily.

The ep3 was fun but Damn Honda messed it with the motor
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