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Originally Posted by Zac#1 View Post
Kinda on the same page here.

I had my car for a couple months now. She's at 42,000 miles but she has a odd history, which I later found out after purchasing. I guess the car was for sale for over a year here in So Cal by a VW dealer. They couldn't sell it. The car was then sent to a auction somewhere up state. Then within a month a used car salesman bought it, (the guy who I bought from) and he brought it back down here to So Cal. He had the car for 6 months!, then put it for sale. Kinda fishy. (Again I got all this info after purchase). The car had a little knock at idle, and I know some of these cars are known for that so I didnt think much of it. 2nd day of owning the car, check engine light comes on. I take it to the dealer, they said the car needed a long block, turbo and cat. $8,5000. I decided to get a second opinion, I take it to a shop who found the problem and noted that the car had all these aftermarket sealants on the engine. Which the dealer had told me too. First we did the cam follower, did nothing. Then swapped the fuel pump, nothing. Then we found this broken pin.

Swapped it, the engine runs smooth as butter. How this broke in the first place, I have no idea. The previous owner had installed a neuspeed power pulley, the car has an aftermarket boost gauge, and the rev limiter is disabled. But the car is making stock power. I'm guessing the last owner put it back to stock before he traded it? Not sure...

Now the aftermarket sealant on the engine has been replaced with OEM sealant by Pacific German which they had recommended should be done ASAP or engine failure could occur. I had my rotors and pads done as well. Everything about the car is to be dead solid now. At this point a hope I'm good for stage 2, and clutch of course. I know most of us here are APR guys but doesn't anyone have any input on Revo? I'm getting mixed reviews.

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Glad to hear everything worked out for you. As far as Stage 2 goes I've been APR for the last 2 years, and don't feel impressed. According to everyone in the forum, the best tune to get for this car is either Integrated Engineering or United Motorsports. So I'd stick to that.

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stage 2+

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