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Long Post Bro.....

Originally Posted by zrickety View Post
...Stick with a good brand...
Yes, sir. Hard to go wrong with the top ones.

Last Saturday I went with my brother to pick up his new winter Pirellis at a respected long time, high-volume Toronto tire shop. While waiting, I snapped some eye-candy winter tire pics that just happen to be (most of) our size if you're running 16" for winters.

These pictured are either their highly recommend and/or best sellers. Enjoy. (They are not a Nokian dealer).

The shop boss, who speaks from years of experience and running discounted "early-bird" sales (10th one now) for us frost-bitten Canadians posted these comments recently in a forum: (bolding by me)

"The WS80 and DMV2 are nearly identical. I ran them for a half season, and wasn't overly impressed. Each one of our sales guys would take our shop Honda Element home when it snowed and really tested the tires. The Element moved onto Xi3 and then Continental and we liked both of these more. At the end of the season, I threw on a set of Yokohama IG and couldnt believe the way they felt. We all agreed. The Honda has had IG's every season since and is getting a new set again this year!

We rely heavily on the feedback RFDrs give us at the end of each season. Last year we couldn't believe how many great comments we got about the Continental Si and now we make sure we recommend them heavily along with the Yokohama.

We are NOT that shop, that sells what we have the best margins on... If that were the case, believe me it wouldn't be the two above. We sell what impresses us, what we use ourselves. 2 of our sales guys swear by the Pirelli Ice Zero, and the other loves his Toyo GSi5 so much and wouldn't change them for anything. Coming to us, you will get 3-4 different, but very honest recommendations. The beauty is none of the ones we recommend will ever disappoint.

Our best sellers every year are the Xi3, and either Blizzak. But this year we feel things are shifting as we know the Yokohama is currently in the lead with a nice 3 way race between Xi3, Blizzaks and Conti."

Earlier, in response to a customer's inquiry about choosing between Hankook iPike W419 vs. Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 he wrote:

"For me it would be none of the above.
Based on info weve received from RFD members over past 3 years, the tires that get highest praise are the Continental Si, Yokohama IG series, Michelin XIce. (Read the reviews about first two) I personally run Yokohama on my car, and Pirelli on my wife's car.

We've had numerous "wear" complaints about the WS80 (just like we did with WS50, WS60, WS70) and the Hankook W419 is now a 4 year old compound and for some reason Hankook raised their prices this year which in my opinion makes them over priced."

CSGM 2012 5-dr DSG, (W83 - leather / KESSY / sunroof), (WUS - 18" Serrons / fr door sill strips / door/dash inlays), 225/40R18 92H Pirelli P Zero Nero, Findway F518 Style 3D floor mats, flexible trunk liner 1K0061181, 35% tint, smoked s/m 10114 with GE 194NA, OEM lip spoiler and diffuser kit, Euro OEM R LED tails, Winter: 205/55R16 94R Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 on OEM VW steelies with Tiguan wheel caps 5N0601169XRW, Late Fall / Early Spring: 17" OEM Denvers w ContiProContact
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Thanks for the help guys. After doing more research I ended up on Tire Rack and the Yokohama's looked like they were the best fit and the ones that I felt most comfortable with for price/performance/how much I drive in the snow. Found a local shop that could install them, but they were a Continental dealer, so I was able to step up to the WinterContact SI's for $12 more per tire, so I figured hey, what the heck.

Got an appointment to get them put onto my Detroit's for my winter setup on Thursday (snow has already started falling here)

Now I need to find some sort of deal on a new set of wheels by spring for my summer setup. Thanks again everyone!
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