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Old 11-02-2017, 08:04 PM   #43
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Originally Posted by Rickybobbi View Post
I'm pretty sure when I got the lights they were with the fog but I never put a euro switch and trigger wire( I could care less about the fog light in the rear), just coded to 1F and problem solved. OP should try 1F, who knows it might just work and if it doesn't then just put it back to what it was before.


Trial and error is sometimes the only way!

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Old 11-05-2017, 01:10 PM   #44
nature boy
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sorry guys i didn't check this thread for a few days (i'm canadian and we like to say sorry lol)

Originally Posted by Carlosfandango View Post
No thatís not correct! If you have a fog from factory your coding will be for rear fog and if you donít have rear fog from factory and set it to rear fog but donít have a fog switch it wonít work, if you started with two back up lights then fit a fog but no euro switch the fog will come on with reverse gear and trigger the error as it is led and there is no code that removes the errors for the backup lights, this I would say is your problem, get a euro switch and you can then code it to except the fog and not put voltage to it when in reverse.

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i do have the euroswitch but haven't hooked up the rear fog. i know it is something that i can do, but i just didn't bother as i really don't think i'd ever use it anyway.

how it was before was when i turn on my car, the lights would go through that cycling thing flashing here and there, and then the bulb out error came on. the fog stayed off until i went into reverse and then both lights would come on (driver's red, passenger white led). after changing byte 18 to 22, 04, 15, and back to 22, the result was all the same: no more light cycling flash, only passenger side white led came on in reverse, and still a bulb out error. i tried swapping out the reverse led with an incandescent, but then it threw the error when i went into reverse.
this is where i just gave up, put the led's back in and just tried to ignore that bulb out light.

but after reading these posts, i'll try 1f later today and see if that helps.

thanks again guys.
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Old 12-28-2017, 03:38 AM   #45
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Originally Posted by Carlosfandango View Post
Did this mean the back up light and led fog came on together with reverse gear engaged? But no error?

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Originally Posted by notovicrious View Post
That tape would be the deal breaker for me bro. Also nobody in they’re right mind would sell OEM for $120 lol. IMO they’re reps and somebody chopped them up and avoided spending money on the right equipment and or coding.
Thanks, it is difficult to get a error free + bright reverse, if you don't have a soldered fog we have both - option on the drop down:
Search all LEDs for your MK6 GTI/Golf:

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