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Old 10-26-2017, 11:42 PM   #15
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And this is why I stay off forums like these.

I've sold over 25k worth of parts/items on forums/craigslist/ebay. 100% buyer feedback. In the end The buyer failed to send the 'blown turbo' back when he won the dispute and received the refund. As a result no refund will be issued because today was the deadline (Not my decision) he had over 2 weeks. Not sure why he wouldn't send it back. I would have gladly had it inspected again at the same Volkswagen dealer that took it off then sell local.

I will add a few things.
  • Are you out any money? I payed for shipping of the turbo to me and will pay for the shipping back to you. I am the one out for shipping a heavy piece of equipment twice.

    Me- Not sure what the issue is you won the dispute and should have shipped it back. The price we agreed to included shipping as well.
3. You come on the forum and warns others about doing business with me without sending me any messages? Is it because you are upset I didn't do the same via email or phones calls but did it via Paypal? My trust went out the door when I found out the the wastegate is shot. Did you read the message I sent you via the Paypal? I told you exactly what happened via Paypal. I didn't just do a refund via the payment site because I wanted to f with you. I sent you a message and I didn't see a response. Paypal disputes happen all the time and they advise to have the buyer and seller talk. I wanted to talk via this method. I chose a vehicle before me that would be tracked. Phone calls, emails can't be tracked. Paypals system can be tracked and I chose to use it.

I have done a number of transactions on this site selling and buying so I have a decent track record up to this point.

Me- There was no message sent on this forum or Paypal prior to the dispute being opened/escalated as I stated and have proof of. I responded to the dispute message anyway, it's still there last time I checked. You won the dispute and should have shipped it back in the given time frame for your refund again. This post is a warning to others.

4. You mention it took me days to get the turbo looked at. It is called life. I didn't just get the package and run over to my local shop and ask them to look over the turbo. I have to find time to get down there and ask them about a part. I have work, life, responsibilities that time up my time.

So who is the one coming onto a forum to character assassinate a person without giving the whole side of the story or giving the other person a shot at giving their side? You don't know me nor would I want to know you. Go onto a forum and try to trash someone without giving them a chance....I thought of doing the same to you and posting it on your build post but I held off and decided to do the more mature method.

Me- If positing that I had a negative selling experience with you is considered 'character assassination' then we are living in a sad world. It was a warning to others, the dispute was done and over with. You could have shipped it back for a refund. I tried to work it out with you. I'm glad you'd never want to know me, the feeling is mutual.

Me- Now we get to the good part, you speak of handling things mature but post stuff like this

You want some character or judgement attacks? I read your build post and other posts about how you bought a 150K Mile GTI and the engine went on you? Who would buy a GTI with that many miles on it without making sure it was in good health? Actually who would buy a 2010 GTI that many miles period? Unless you can do the work yourself it was a dumb decision. See that how that works. I only put this up on the forum as an example of what it looks like when you just make assumptions and don't give the other side of the story. Maybe you got the car for a great price. Maybe the engine came back looking fine but the timing chain tensioner failed on you.

Me- [b]Maybe if you actually read the thread... Anyway I believe you mistake assumptions with facts in the case of this thread. Which would make posting the above completely irrelevant and malevolent. But thanks for the love! [b]

I could keep going but I am going to stop. I would never do a forum post like this without both sides of the story. I will take the high road and keep the turbo.

Me- You won the dispute and had over two weeks to ship it back. Plenty of time with your busy life. Please take the high road, i don't want parts back that were perfectly fine before being shipped.

You probably need the money to fix that broken GTI you bought and need the money to put on your K04 with all those mods you have or want. Enjoy the car and enjoy more years of auto motive experience.

Damn you are right, I definitely need the money to fix my non-broken GTI. Nice try bud.
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Learn a lesson about when you are selling an item that has a lot of use and it has been inspected and then tell the potential buyers that. I learned my lesson with this purchase in those regards and to ask more questions.

Me- The only lesson learned here is to never sell a used turbo online, especially on a GTI forum. Local sales only. Cheers and happy motoring!


So I checked your build thread and it seems the same behavior here is happening with Alex@Stratified. Posting without details from both sides of the story.

In addition I will respond to the following with, the problem with Alex was posted with details from both sides but was deleted. Not my problem. Also just updated that thread. People can view things how they please but facts are facts.
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Old 10-27-2017, 07:00 AM   #16
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OP, you're selling your GTR?
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Old 10-28-2017, 03:14 AM   #17
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Originally Posted by CHerna View Post
2017 Passat VR6
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Old 10-30-2017, 08:20 AM   #18
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Originally Posted by CHerna View Post
Originally Posted by snobrdrdan View Post
Im not sure what this GTR is supposed to make because there are 4 different power claims in the damn for sale post.

Title says
"2009 Nissan GT-R 700hp Track ready"

Item condition says
"FBO E85+ - 650+AWHP on a Dyno Jet - Show ready"

main body of the post says
"Pump 93: 483whp 498wtq 20psi (Mustang Dyno)
E85: 560whp 581wtq 20psi "

So which one is the real power rating?

Also just noticed its listed as a 1 owner but in the main body it says "
I purchased it two years ago completely stock with 9,xxx miles."

And in the vehicle history it was registered in Canada before a new registration and lien was put on it in New York which would support the at least 2 owner.
Originally Posted by Blakcard View Post
listen to your gut....And lilonespaz
Originally Posted by Laimface View Post
hahaha why am I your signature
Originally Posted by damagi123 View Post
just like god intended. he didnt kill off the dinosaurs for their sweet sweet bone juice to have it go getting wasted by eco-obsessed torque thieves.
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Old 10-30-2017, 09:40 AM   #19
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R35 guy is digging himself further and further. You seem to have a lot of negative things to say about this forum and the people on it. I think we'll all be better off without you.
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Old 11-11-2017, 11:12 AM   #20
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I didn't read the details on ebay or anything, but since this is pre-2011, that GTR, unless a new transmission has been dropped in, is not worth more than $50k given the fact that the shit overheats in all build models prior to the 2011 model year. I see them all day locally for $50k-55k depending on how many owners, and miles. More than 20k miles and it's even lower. Good luck getting $70k though.
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