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Help request- Dead GTI- P2187, mulitple cylinder misfire codes

Hey guys, first time poster and first time GTI owner here. i could use some input. i have a stock 2010 GTI with 75k on the clock.

the other day it was running kinda weird- while coming to a stop and at low idle the rpms would drop and it acted like it wanted to stall out. i drove it pretty hard and it ran fine under throttle and at higher rpms. didn't throw any codes though.

the next morning i went to start it up and it chugged a few times, started and ran really rough for a couple of seconds, and then stalled. I tried to start it multiple times but the same symptoms kept occurring. Couldn't get it to stay running. even starting and applying throttle to up the rpms wouldn't keep it running. After a few attempts i hooked it up to my obdII scanner and the torque app and it was throwing a P2187 (System too lean at idle) code, and misfire codes on three different cylinders, and the "random misfires detected" code.

I thought it might be the pcv valve, so i replaced it. no change. incidentally, i had similar symptoms a couple months ago and a new pcv valve fixed them. the previous owner had replaced the original pcv valve at around 60k early last year. so this is the third pcv valve on this car in the last year or so.

I checked the intake components looking for obvious holes and leaks, but didn't really see anything. I thought it might be coils and plugs, but it seems strange that i would get misfires on three cylinders all at once out of the blue.

one other item of note, it's pretty cold here in michigan- single digits. so that's probably not helping, but there's no way that's the cause as it's been really cold for a month and it's run fine for the most part.

does anyone have any input on what else it could be or what I should check out before I have this thing towed to a shop? thanks in advance for your guys' help.
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