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Old 06-14-2011, 02:17 PM   #57
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LOL! Troll.
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Originally Posted by CDUBBGTI91 View Post
Yea I asked him how he launched his car he said he dropped the clutch and just slammed the gas. IMO he should have reved to about 3k then dropped the clutch and gassed it. He was a little bummed when we met back up then asked to run me again from a 40....he did a lot better but stil lost lol.
Originally Posted by Gtimoler View Post
Ok for all u shit talkers out there that are going off what this kids saying u can think again cause he's a bold face liar, Im the kid in the mk5... Here's what's done to the car, 3in turbo back exausht, some sort of tune cause I bought it with not knowing what's done to the car... That's all the performance moods done to it I didn't tell the kid what type of tune I had I told him as far as I knew it was stock and he asked me to run him I asked him what was done to his car and he told me stage 2 tune and cold air.. I flat told him I was gonna lose he said so let's race anyways... The very first run we did was the best run and it was a 40 roll and he pulled me by a fender... Then the rest of the runs was pointless cause I knew he was gonna win and then We ran from a dig and I didn't jus floor it and drop the clutch reved it a lil bit and tried jus rolling off the line so I wouldnt spin but obviously that didn't happen and I ended up spinning the hole time...
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in this part of the world a stage 1 mk6 gti is faster than a stage 2 mkv gti fsi by 1.5-2 cars.
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What it all comes down to is TSI>FSI. The FSI was only out for a couple years because it was so shitty and the TSI is the end all be all for the new motors. Everyone thinks the same shit down here that their FSI's are so quick, but they're mistaken...Good kill OP!!!
TSI for the win!!!
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